there’s a part in the film high fidelity when the three record store guys (john cusack – ‘the rob gordon’, jack black – barry of ‘barry jive and the uptown five’, and todd louiso – dick ‘not alphabetical…’) are watching marie desalle (aka lisa bonet, aka denise huxtable), completely enchanted by her rendition of peter frampton’s ‘baby i love your way.’¬† and this is where they say:

Barry: I wanna date a musician.
Rob Gordon: I wanna live with a musician. She’d write songs at home and ask me what I thought of them, and maybe even include one of our little private jokes in the liner notes.
Barry: Maybe a little picture of me in the liner notes.
Dick: Just in the background somewhere.

that said… the work of a friend of mine is featured on the cover of the current canadian architect (i use the term ‘current’ loosely):


very satc.

August 13, 2007

after a ‘conversation’ (through instant messaging) with a close friend of mine today, i noticed that my inner dialogue sounded an awful lot like that of carrie bradshaw, sarah jessica parker’s fictitious character from sex and the city. at first, i felt deeply disturbed by this, that my worldly life questions could easily be mistaken for something on television, but i have come to embrace it, rationalizing that yes, i do find human relationships incredibly interesting, and isn’t that what the show is all about?

so then, in life, when we’re each on our own journey somewhere, metaphorically and often geographically speaking, is it that surprising that so often me meet someone special just as they’re leaving town or just as we’re fleeing? why does it always seem like the timing is off? are we the butt of another cruel joke or is it just the nature of the lives of travels, they seem so much more exciting and get our adrenaline pumping that much more easily?

my friend recently met someone who sounded like her perfect match. whether that’s the truth or the result of her overly excited fantasy world, who knows, but i did wait for the ominous ‘but’ to her story… ‘but, he’s moving back to paris at the end of the month.’ of course. how perfect. i would expect no less. if she hadn’t spent the past few months setting up her life where she is now, to pursue a phD, it would be a no brainer – ‘so i’ll come to paris in late september to visit?’

is it that when we’re readying ourselves for a trip, we’re more open to possibilities? i can certainly vouch that you’re more likely to be social, saying goodbyes and enjoying the company of friends as much as you can before departure. maybe it’s that we just have that glow, that energy and anticipation for our next adventure, and people naturally gravitate towards it.

who knows really. but it does seem a bit of a sick joke… wonderful and exciting, but sick nonetheless. is it too cynical to quote ben folds here by saying, ‘don’t change your plans for me??’ how long have you been single or just dating all the wrong people and now, when you can almost hear your name being called over the p.a. just before your flight leaves… there they are, mr. or miss. fantastic.

it doesn’t have to be so tragic of course. i myself tend to be more of a ‘enjoy what you have when you have it’ kind of person.

i’ve veered off course from my satc-ness i believe. i’m not a fan of annoyingly bad puns, but i will reference one of the episodes in saying it’s better to regret the things you’ve done rather than the things you have not… ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda.’

sans c.

August 2, 2007

it’s a sad day when, although the rest of a computer functions at a slow rate, but otherwise tolerable level, a single key ceases to work. you learn a lot about your relationship with your keyboard.

for my friend, it was the period. the key itself broke off one day. attempts to fashion a cardboard replacement that would mimic the real key failed to perform and so, your finger (whichever it is that you use for the period, for me it’s the fourth finger on my right hand) plunges into a rather conspicuous gap every so often resulting in absolutely no change in your typed text. i’ve learned by using her computer just how important the period is. typing a url, for instance, becomes difficult and even in your most colloquial emails, a comma doesn’t suffice as a stand-in for the period. i’ve learned to copy and paste periods when i’m over at her place. although it’s a bit cumbersome, i’ve come to accept this as a necessary evil and in fact, i am slightly grateful that it has prepared me for this day.

today, it would seem that the c key on my keyboard needs some extra attention. it can work… it just requires particular pressure applied to in a particular way in order for the letter c to appear on the screen.

you might think that this is of no major consequence. the letter c is not used all that much. it scores 3 points in scrabble, so it’s clearly not as popular a letter as a or t or even n which all score only 1 point. but you’d be amazed at how much more cumbersome copying and pasting the letter c is. this blog entry thus far, would require more than 30 c’s. but i tend to use the letter c perhaps more often than many.

for starters, my initials are cc, and often i sign my emails with just ‘c.’ if not with it full out for more formal correspondences. a friend of mine also suggested that perhaps i’d simply worn the key out because i swear so much, even in writing. her suggestion? spell it ‘fuk’ from now on not only to give the c key some relief, but also to feign txt savvy and show that i have joined the masses in adjusting spelling 4 letter economy. ‘it’s very hip hop, too,’ said another friend. thanks for the tip.

but i think it’s just an adjustment i need to make in my mind: how to press the ‘c’ key in the right way in order to work properly. similar, i imagine, to the way i’d mentally adjusted to using a german keyboard where the y and z are reversed and your punctuation on the far right are in different positions to make room for all the umlaut-ed vowels. it took some time and occassionally, when intoxicated enough, you simply carry on without the mental adjustment and continue to tzpe as if zou were on zour own computer. thez’ll be able to figure it out.

if, however, this doesn’t work and/or the key eventually gives up on me and ceases to work, i guess i’ll have to change my name to just arol. arol hoi.