fever pitch.

October 12, 2007

nothing like partying, relaxing, partying some more, detoxing, catching up with friends, cooking a proper meal, doing laundry, partying in fresh and clean clothes, entertaining guests, packing up a flat, looking for work and other general ‘trying to get one’s real life in order’ type of stuff after an intense deadline.

but now that i’m back and despite the chaotic state of my current schedule, i’ve been making a list of things i would like to do with my time. it’s turning out to be a kind of ‘in case i decide to move back to north america’ list, chock full of cultural events unique to england and london specifically. one rather prominent item on said list is to attend an english football match. ideally, to see liverpool play, but i’m not terribly picky as long as it’s a half-decent match and a drunk football fan doesn’t throw up on me at any point during the excursion.

as i thought about this more the other day, i thought about what this experience might be like… and then i remembered an essay by one of my favourite authors:

‘thanks stadium pal’…. i can’t help but wonder how many in attendance will be… enriched by your services when i finally go to see a football match.