i’m a realist.

March 20, 2008

the cribs.

i’m a romantic.


pocket orchestra.

March 16, 2008

hmm… i was listening to my mp3 player on the way to the grocery store today, listening to the stars ‘your ex-lover is dead’ and thought to myself (for whatever strange reason), ‘how cool would it be if i had my own string section follow me around?’ they would quite literally be the soundtrack to my life. maybe just a string quartet. they would play whatever fit my mood, make me feel like my life was a film, playing not just dark and broody, dramatic music during my existential crises, but fun, quirky stuff, too when i go jogging or feel giddy about something. they could take requests, i could tell them to play louder or softer depending on the situation…

initially i imagined a group of four people not much older than i just following me around, always a couple feet behind me… and then my flatmate suggest they be pocket-sized. maybe they would sit on my shoulder like those bits on tv shows: the good guy on the right shoulder, bad guy on the left…

sobriety plays weird tricks on my mind… 7 days and counting…


March 14, 2008

another pair bite the dust…

my red chuck taylors are dead. although the canvas has ripped in several places quite significantly, i noticed the other day that i broke the rubber on the sole (or soul??) of them as well… time for the next pair. and that’s the great thing about chucks: they’re a basic necessity in every shoe wardrobe. a classic. and they’ll always be there, just like the first pair you bought all those years ago…

made me think of this new ad campaign of theirs. converse is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and last month, the company launched a new ad campaign called ‘connectivity,’ which has iconic figures (past and present) connected by their chuck taylors…



pretty slick ad campaign, i think. it almost makes me want to buy a pair of black ones this time even though i’ve always been a red girl… red all the way, bitches!


March 13, 2008

a friend of mine back home in toronto recently informed me that the city was on the verge of breaking a seasonal snowfall record set in 1938.

i miss snow. i miss it a lot… but i’m not sure i could cope with that much of it anymore.

i used to love being able to stay in bed on snow days, when it would be so bad you wouldn’t have to go to work or school. i’d listen to one of my favourite canadian singer/songwriters, julie doiron, sing about the snow and life during canadian winters, put on my biggest wool socks, wrap myself in a blanket and drink hot chocolate while watching the snow fall outside my window…

instead i brace the wind and rain in london and head to work. no snow days here. and if i’m lucky enough to have nowhere to go on a day off, i sip mint tea by my kitchen window and watch the rain pound the tree in the back garden. i’m still searching for the quintessential soundtrack for those days, but in the meantime, julie will do just fine:

*a clip of ‘wintermitts’ live at the el mocambo, toronto, 2006 – couldn’t find a video of the full, record version, but ‘all the wintermitts on the radiator…,’ says it all…

‘boots and boots and boots…’

shiny happy me.

March 6, 2008

when i was around ten (?? can’t remember exactly when), i remember discovering ‘shiny happy people’ by r.e.m. on a compilation cassette my sister had.  this was the first time i’d heard them and everything else on this compilation was rubbish.  i listened to that song over and over again when i was sent to a day camp around the corner from my house one summer.

one time, the boy i fancied at camp stood close behind me to hear what i was listening to (i have always listened to stuff on headphones much louder than need be… just ’cause).  for a while, i didn’t realize he was standing there, but when i did and asked him what he was doing, he made fun of the song (and therefore me and everything i loved in that very moment).

i didn’t like him much after that.  in fact, i filled my super soaker up with ginger ale and nailed that fucker.

good thing i was faster than him.


kids can be so mean.