my latest novel and other stories…

May 27, 2009

having emerged from the bell jar today, i’m able to speak again.

so let’s talk about a record i listened to on repeat the other day, all day…

My Latest Novel -  Deaths and Entrances

death and entrances, the new album by my latest novel, is a wonderful offering from the six-piece band from greenock, scotland. the band shows significant growth and maturity on their second album. lush, steady crescendos, varied instrumental and vocal counterpoint and harmonies… at times sparse, showcasing muscianship and poetic lyrics… other times, a very full, but never overwhelming, sound with a chorus of singers.

mmm… through and through. the lack of any mis-steps are a testament to the meticulous planning and keen ears of the band.

go. buy it. NOW!

on a semi-side note, i saw them at bush hall on monday and ooo – how chris deveney’s voice makes me weak at the knees… great cd release gig (their merch guy, though i forget his name, was a very nice man who lives by the glasgow school of art, apparently. go talk to him and he’ll sort you out with all kinds of mln goodies)… since then, i went on a search for pictures of the band, turning up an old photo from a gig they did back home (my old home, anyway) at the legendary horseshoe tavern. i’ve had many a good night at the horseshoe, catching some great acts, often on their first trip through toronto. it made me feel good knowing they’d graced the stage there… and i’d like to think, had i been living there at the time, i’d have caught them, but who the fuck knows… or cares? i’ve seen them twice in the last two months. i’m pretty happy with that.

warming my heart...

(12 march 2007)


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