my friend (not marc with a c, but one of the rosie’s, with an r) introduced me to the wonderful world of marc johns, an illustrator with an off-kilter sense of humour. his new book, serious drawings, came out last month on teNeues. here are some of my favourites:

oh and the other marc with a c, not a k – his band, reverie sound revue, will be releasing their new record on 23 june 2009 on boompa records. here’s an updated version of their video for ‘an anniversary away’ directed by marc with a c, not a k:


… is the name of a great compilation for charity featuring 31 exclusive tracks by many, many fantastic artists. it includes some interesting collaborations and it’s for a great cause… so yay for yummmy chooooooons…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Dark Was The Night

a sweet awakening…

May 5, 2009

marmaduke duke.

‘kid gloves’.

when i was young, i was told that broccoli was the result of cross breeding cauliflower and brussels sprouts. i have the feeling i’ve been had… and for a very long time, didn’t realise it.

some quick (internet) research couldn’t confirm this (but it confirmed that i am not the only person to have thought broccoli was a hybrid). in fact, i found more evidence that broccoli, a part of the cabbage family (and thus belonging to the Brassica oleracea species), has been a naturally occurring veggie for a very long time.*

however, it being fun fact friday and all, i can tell you that broccoli is a fractal (or is fractal-like). that means it looks the same at different scales. romanesco broccoli, a naturally occurring type of broccoli also belonging to the cabbage family, is particularly effective in illustrating this point.

kinda freaky, no?

kinda freaky, right?

* if you’d like to see a list of URL sources, i’d be happy to send you my broccoli bookmark folder.

i found this on my computer last night. something i’d written a couple years ago. much to my surprise, it still pretty much stands true…

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is I want out of life. Most people say happiness. Yes, life’s all about the pursuit of happiness. But actually, I want more than happiness, I want to never be lonely. I’m not talking about the search for your lifelong partner, I’m talking about never feeling like you are alone because you can feel alone if you’re in a relationship with someone. In fact, you will probably never feel more alone than when you are with someone and yet you, for whatever reason, feel lonely. Of course I want happiness. But happiness is fleeting and to be honest, kind of boring, isn’t it?


April 30, 2009

mmm… camera obscura

mmm… beardo kisses and euro fun…

i’ve been saving a can of heinz beans in my cupboard for that morning i really crave beans on toast.

this morning was that morning.

and while i was happily eating my breakfast, i came across an instructional video that came up when i searched ‘beans on toast‘.

is that really necessary? isn’t ‘beans on toast’ pretty self-explanatory???